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OCPL Digital Library: Value Line

This guide contains information about all of the online resources that the OCPL offers.

About Value Line


Invest smarter.

Whether you’re a beginning investor or a veteran looking for high-impact ideas, Value Line can position you for financial success quickly and easily. The uncontested authority in reliable, unbiased information, Value Line puts you in the driver’s seat with accurate and insightful investment research on companies, industries, markets and economies. From the latest data, sophisticated tools and proven ranks to expert analysis and guidance, Value Line gives you the power to evaluate investments with confidence. Make smarter, more profitable decisions with Value Line.


Arnold Bernhard founded Value Line in 1931 after spending several years on Wall Street as an employee of Moody’s Investors Service. When the crash of 1929 and subsequent bear market wiped out what little savings his mother had, he determined that the then-current practice of analyzing stocks was woefully inadequate. He set out to develop a set of objective measures that would signal when a stock was overvalued and when it was undervalued – measures that would not yield to emotions. What followed revolutionized the practice of securities analysis and sent Value Line on its path to being one of the nation’s largest independent investment research services as well as a major money management institution. Read the full article.


How to Access Value Line

To access Value Line, click on the link on the OCPL digital learning page or this direct link. You'll need to enter your library card number on the Sign In page.

Value Line is free resource provided by the OCPL. Usage is limited to 100 sign ons at a time, so if you are not able to access Value Line, just keep trying. There are certain risks inherent in investing, and the library is not responsible for any information, advice, or research contained in Value Line.