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Oconee County Public Library Policy Manual: Section IV, Community Relations

Complete, current policy manual of the OCPL.

Schools, Volunteers, and Child Safety

The Oconee County Library System strives to cooperate as much as possible with the schools.  The Youth Services Librarian meets with the public school media specialists during the school year as a way of receiving and disseminating information pertinent to libraries.

Pre-schools and day care groups are welcome to visit the library for story times.  Group visits must be by appointment with the Youth Services Librarian or branch representative.

Public and private school groups may also schedule tours and/or programs by appointment and as staff time allows.  Each location will keep an appointment calendar to record group visits.
The library will put materials on reserve for “Two Week In-library Use Only” if requested by teachers giving one week notice.  The books on reserve will be coded “Reference” and will be kept on reserve for a maximum of two weeks.

The Oconee County Library System welcomes volunteers.  Volunteers will work under the supervision and at the pleasure of the Branch Manager, Bookmobile Manager, and/or the Director.

The Friends of the Library elect a Volunteer Coordinator who assists in recruitment and placing of volunteers.  However, each library branch may recruit its own volunteers. SUPERCEDED, in part, by Policy revised 3/22/2010, however, volunteer program is under examination for other possible improvements, so this will be revisited later.


Children under twelve (12) years of age must be accompanied at all times by an older responsible person, at least 16 years of age. The child’s parent will be contacted if the child is left unattended. The library reserves the right to turn over to the proper authorities minors (under age 18) left unattended for extended periods of time or left after library hours.