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Staff Cheat Sheet for Summer Reading 2016: Home


June 6th - July 30th

Can register starting May 31st!  Last day to turn in logs to be entered in grand prize drawings is August 5th.

Early Literacy Program

For ages birth to 5

When they register give: literacy log, 1 set of stickers, bookmark, instructions, and calender.

Prize: Complete all tasks on the log.

Prize is a free book.

VERY IMPORTANT! Mark all finishers on clipboard.

Elementary Age Program

For children entering Kindergarten - 5th Grade

When they register give: reading log, 1 set of stickers, bookmark, instructions, and calendar.

Every time they read for 15 minutes they put a sticker on their reading log.  When they fill it up, return the log to the library to win a Summer Reading Medal and Summer Reading Champion yard sign.  Their name will also be entered in the grand prize drawing for their choice of a Fitbit Surge or Wii U.

VERY IMPORTANT! Mark all finishers on clipboard.

Teen Summer Reading


For teens entering 6th grade through 12th grade.

When they register they get a reading log, bookmark, and calendar.

Prize - return their log to library after they have read 10 hours - they will receive a Teen Summer Reading T-shirt or water bottle (limit one per person). 

They can get more than one log once they have completed their first one, but they can only win one t-shirt or water bottle.  Additional logs will enter them into the grand prize drawing multiple times.

The grand prize winner can choose between a Wii U or a FitBit Surge.

VERY IMPORTANT - Keep all returned (complete) logs and send to Youth Services


Adult Summer Reading

Adult Summer Reading

18 and older regardless of reading level

When they register give a cup, bingo/event sheet, and bookmark.

Every time they complete a task in a bingo square they mark it off. As they get bingoes they can turn in bingo slips. Just check they have a bingo/whole card marked off.


1st bingo=water bottle

2nd bingo=pedometer

Whole card=park pass VERY IMPORTANT! Write the winners name very large on the pass

VERY IMPORTANT! Put all bingo slips in box.


To register they need to legibly write their name on the adult signup sheet. Email is optional.

Each bingo slip enters them for a chance to win a grand prize of a fit bit or gym membership.