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Oconee County Public Library Policy Manual: Section I, Purpose

Complete, current policy manual of the OCPL.

Mission Statement, Long-range Plans



    The mission of the Oconee County Public Library system is to connect our diverse communities with information resources that enrich, enlighten and entertain.

B.  LONG RANGE PLANS (to be updated with OCPL Strategic Plan)
(Through 2021)

1.    Buildings

  • Oakway/Fair Play:   New facility in this area.
  • Salem:   New or renovation of another facility with adequate space and more parking.
  • Seneca:   Expansion and renovation of the facility as soon as funds allow, with more parking, and space for Friends of the Library book sales.
  • Walhalla:   Renovation of existing building, moving some staff offices to the basement and freeing up more space for materials.
  • Westminster:  Expansion of facility with adequate space and more parking.

2.    Staff
    Add more full time positions to adequately staff all branches.

3.    Materials
    Increase materials holdings to include various formats, including e-books and DVDs.

4.    Programs
    Provide more pertinent programming for children and adults.

5.    Security
    Provide a security system for all branches to provide protection for materials.

6.    Technology
    Take steps needed to keep our system up-to-date and current with appropriate technological advances.

7.    Mission
    Keep our Mission Statement updated to reflect the needs and services necessary for our library system for Oconee County.

8.    Publicity
    Increase publicity to allow the public more information concerning library activities and services. Create a community relations committee.


The Library:
•    Features current, high-demand, high-interest materials in a variety of formats (including public Internet access) for persons of all ages;
•    Assists students of all ages in meeting educational objectives established in their formal courses of study;
•    Provides timely, accurate, and useful information for community residents, businesses, and organizations;
•    Is a central focal point for community activities, meetings, and services, including in-library as well as outreach services;
•    Is a clearing house for current information on community organizations, issues, and services; and
•    Supports individuals of all ages pursuing learning or recreational interests.

In the coming fiscal year, the Library is requesting a new building for the Seneca Library.

We would like to have:
•    A building that embodies a commitment to public service through the provision of a well-designed structure that does not sacrifice functionality or aesthetics;
•    A cost-effective building in terms of operations and layout;
•    A building that is responsive to changing service needs, for example, providing space and receptacles for connecting a user’s laptop computer;
•    A building that is warm, welcoming, and easy to navigate;
•    A library that will be an important information, cultural, and educational resource; and
•    A building that addresses the dramatic changes in information technologies that have occurred during the past three decades, especially library information technologies and digitization of text.

We would like to have available:
•    Many computers for users to use;
•    A state-of-the-art multi-purpose Meeting Room that is large enough for larger groups to be able to use comfortably, with kitchen facilities;
•    A large Program Room for children and youth;
•    Group study rooms where students could work together on assignments, or a small group of residents could meet;
•    Small tutoring rooms for privacy in tutoring students, or use as a quiet study area;
•    Computer labs where 20 or more learners can take classes on hardware and software usage; and
•    Storytime areas for children’s programs.