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Oconee County Public Library Policy Manual: Section III, Personnel Policy

Complete, current policy manual of the OCPL.

Section on Personnel Policy and Procedure

As a County department, Library policy will follow all policies and procedures as outlined in the Oconee County Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual. The Oconee County Public Library Board of Trustees has adopted the following additional information to supplement the County Ordinance as needed for clarification of County Policy as it applies to library workers, and when no County Policy exists for library-specific situations. 

The County Human Resources Department will recruit employees as outlined in Ordinance 2005-04, however, the Library Director may also list professional positions with library-oriented sources, such as professional periodicals and library school job lines, for which no fees are charged.  Any applications received in this manner must meet all other county personnel requirements and procedures.

The Library Director will make decisions as to the appointment of any positions among all staff positions in the library system following established guidelines of the county Human Resources department.  When the position is for a particular branch or area, the Director may elect to have that Branch Manager or Librarian become involved in the process.

The Oconee County Library System will strive to meet the standards set forth for staffing by the State Library.  Branch Managers, particularly of the larger branches, should have a Bachelor’s Degree, and if possible, a Master’s Degree.

Hours: Full time staff will work 37.5 hours per week, including possible evenings and weekends. When staff is scheduled to work on a Saturday or Sunday, their work schedule will be reduced or adjusted at another time during that same week as approved by the Branch Manager or the Library Director. Part time staffers work various numbers of hours as determined by the Director. Part time staffers should be available for any hours that the library is open. No one shall be scheduled for more than 7.5 hours a day. 

2. Holidays:  Regular holidays are established by the County. These are as follows: 
New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, President’s Day, Confederate Memorial Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, day after Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and the day after Christmas.
The library is also closed on the following days, but these are not paid holidays:
    -Easter Sunday and the preceding Saturday
    -Saturdays and Sundays preceding Memorial and Labor Day
    -Saturdays and Sundays of Thanksgiving Weekend
    -Christmas weekends which fall within or immediately preceding or following days designated by the County as holidays
    -New Year’s weekends which fall within or immediately preceding or following days designated by the County as holidays

*Any deviations from the above must be approved in advance by the Library Board
All branches will close at 6:00 PM on the evening prior to a major holiday, e.g. New Year’s Eve, and other days as determined by the Library Board, or Library Director. Full time employees will adjust their schedules as necessary to fulfill their 37.5 hours for that week.

E.     LEAVES:
All leave time must be requested at least 48 hours in advance, except in an emergency, and signed by all designated persons before the leave is approved.
1.    Vacation: In working out vacation leaves, the requirements of scheduling at the branch will be considered first. The desires of the staff will be taken into account as far as possible. Normally this will be done on a first come, first served basis. In the event of a conflict in requests, the Branch Manager or Director will make a determination. 
2.    Sick Leave: Staff should be sure to have their time sheets adjusted accordingly as soon as they return.
3.    Leave Without Pay: Written requests must be made by the employee to the Director, and be approved by the County Supervisor before becoming effective. Requests will be reviewed in accordance with State and Federal law, and with consideration given to the purpose and length of the leave, the frequency and purposes of other absences, and the needs of the library.

Professional staff is defined as members of the staff with advanced degrees in library science, e.g. MLS or MLIS.
They will meet regularly with the Director for reporting, planning, etc.
A monthly schedule of activities for the professional staff member will be turned in to the Director at the beginning of each month if requested.
The Library will pay for dues in professional organizations for professional staff at the discretion of the Director.

Full-time staff members are formally evaluated annually by the Library Director or their immediate supervisor, however this may be done more often if warranted.  The Branch Manager may evaluate part-time staff members annually, and this may be done more often if warranted.

The County Human Resources Department maintains the official personnel records.  Staff members wishing to view them must follow procedures as set up by the County.

An employee may be granted time away with pay to attend workshops, meetings, conferences, etc., as a duty assignment.  The determination of need for any employee to attend such as conference shall be the responsibility of the Director.  A formal request using the appropriate form must be completed by the employee at least two weeks in advance and signed by the Director and the County Supervisor before attendance at such workshops, etc., is approved. Within 5 days of attendance at such workshops, a written report must be turned in to the Director.

Every employee of OCPL is essential to the overall accomplishment of the library’s objectives.  When staff members do not meet their attendance obligations an unnecessary burden is placed on other employees, and library service is compromised.  Each employee has a responsibility to be present for each scheduled workday at the correct time.  Excessive and unexcused absenteeism and/or tardiness may be cause for corrective action.
Non-medical emergency situations may be made up at the discretion of the Director.  These emergency situations may not be used in lieu of sick leave.

Staff members are the library’s ambassadors of good will.  Patrons should always be treated in a courteous, helpful and obliging manner.  Staff is expected to use good judgment in dealing with patrons.  They are also expected to cooperate with other staff members with a positive and optimistic attitude.

Clothing is understandably a means of expressing one’s personality and style.  However, appearance is also a reflection of professional attitude.  In order to maintain a workplace environment conducive to professional relations with the public, staff members should always appear clean, well groomed, and suitably dressed for work.  Appropriate attire for a public institution precludes extremes of fashion as well as careless or unkempt dress.  T-shirts with slogans, messages, or advertisements are considered inappropriate.  The exception for T-shirts would be when they are provided for special library events, such as for the Summer Reading Program, “Geek the Library” campaign, etc.  Shorts should not be worn, nor should tank tops (unless covered by another shirt) or other revealing clothing. Flip-flops are not to be worn. Casual Fridays and Saturdays may permitted by the Director, and jeans may be worn on those days.

Inappropriate clothing will be determined by the Director and/or the Branch Manager, or acting supervisor in their absence.  If an employee reports for work in clothing determined to be inappropriate, the employee must use a meal break or vacation leave in order to return home to change clothes.  In the case of an hourly employee, the absence required will be without pay.